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Aman Technical Services Company : Corrosion & Corrosion Control,Cathodic Protection , Tank cleaning & maintenance hereafter referred to, as ATS is an Engineering, Instrumentation, Maintenance and Procurement Installation Services Company, which have its head office at Omar Abdulaziz Street, Azzawia City, Libya with oversea affiliates. ATS was incorporated to provide technical services such as Corrosion control via Cathodic Protection ,Tank Cleaning & Maintenance , Design, Procurement and Installation and to compete favorably with the foreign-based engineering companies operating in the oil and allied industry in Libya.
Current Services
Front End Engineering & Design
Project Management Services
➢ Project Scope Definition ➢ Project Planning ➢ Basic Engineering ➢ HAZOP & Risk Analysis ➢ Statutory Regulations conformance ➢ Cost and schedule estimates ➢ Tendering & Bid evaluation ➢ Technology Sourcing ➢ Feasibility Study ➢ Residual Engineering ➢ Project Costing & Scheduling ➢ Tendering & Pre-bid Services ➢ Procurement Assistance ➢ Inspection & Expediting ➢ Haulage ➢ Tank Cleaning & Maintenance
Detailed Engineering
Procurement, Installation & Commissioning
➢ Process Design ➢ Equipment & CP Design ➢ Corrosion Engineering ➢ Electrical & Instrumentation ➢ Construction Drawings ➢ Material Estimates ➢ Measurement of soil resistivity. ➢ Ground bed resistivity measurements and design ➢ Recommendation of appropriate corrosion prevention design ➢ Continuous soil resistivity survey using electromagnetic techniques ➢ Design of CP system. ➢ Procurement of CP materials ➢ Project management of CP installations, commissioning and hand over of the turnkey projects. ➢ CP trouble-shooting ➢ Review of existing CP design and operational history ➢ Soil analysis and resistivity survey ➢ Stray current/CP interference survey
Detailed Engineering
Close Interval Potential Survey (PITS)
➢ Determination of stray currents ➢ Analysis of potential graph ➢ Recommendation of corrective measures ➢ Proof of Cathodic Protection system effectiveness ➢ Measurement of polarized potential at close intervals over pipeline ➢ Synchronized current interruption using GPS
Sandblasting & Painting
➢ Corrosion & Corrosion Control (General) ➢ Corrosion Control: Coating ➢ Corrosion Control: Inhibitor ➢ Cathodic Protection (General) ➢ NACE Cathodic Protection Level 1 ➢ NACE Cathodic Protection Level 2 ➢ NACE Cathodic Protection Level 3 ➢ NACE Cathodic Protection Level 4 ➢ Industrial Water Treatment ➢ Paint & Inspection ➢ Sandblasting and Grit blasting of any metal structure ➢ Industrial Painting ➢ Flow station rehabilitation and upgrade ➢ Tank & Vessel overhaul and re coating/painting.
Pipeline Integrity
Coating Inspection
Plan and program - Development - Evaluation - Implementation - Improvement - Revision - Overall management • Potential impact identification on HCA's • Data gathering and review • Data integration • Risk assessment analysis • Written procedures • Personnel training, Mitigation option selection & implementation • Regulatory interface • Inspection method, scheduling & implementation ➢ Visual inspection ➢ Wall thickness measurements ➢ Magnetic particle inspection ➢ Radiograph of pipeline ➢ Penetrant inspection ➢ Eddy current testing ➢ Pipeline current mapping
Welding Inspection
• Pipe Integrity inspection • Cutting, facing and fitting of pipes to the required spacing and angles. • Welding current and voltage regulation for both manual and automatic • Visual Inspection of individual runs and weld cap • Ensuring strict adherence to procedure such as travel speed, arc blow, pre-heat temp and baking of electrode. • Radiographic Interpretation of weld to the acceptance criteria • Post weld heat treatment (PWHT) annealing to relieve stress.
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